Neo-ice was originally developed in 2005 for reducing inflammation on the legs of horses, and our first factory was at Dunsfold Park in England (pic.1). Dunsfold Park was constructed as an airfield by Canadian Forces during WW2, and we shared it with other tenants such as the BBC TV show “Top Gear” who filmed in the hanger next door to us:


To promote our product we've sponsored many events, but our biggest was the 2007 Polocrosse World Cup held in Warwick, Australia. We were already supporting the British Polocrosse Team, but the organisers requested we support the whole event so that all horses could benefit:


While supplying product into the equestrian market we discovered people using our product on themselves for a range of ailments, from sprained ankles and minor burns to bee stings and headache, so we started making product for people:

Use on people

In 2009 we expanded production with a new clean room facility in Taiwan suitable for the production of medical devices, and set about the challenging task of establishing a market for a new product of an unknown brand in a new country:

New market

Neo-ice is made by Euco Technology Company Limited, Taiwan