How to use Recovery Sleeves

1. If the skin is broken, first apply a protective material such as hydocolloid sheet or plastic food wrap.

2. Soak Recovery Sleeves in Neo-ice coolant and squeeze out the excess until it is fully wet but not dripping.

3. Pull the Sleeves into place (for example over your knees) and in close contact with your skin.

[ Note: Do not fit too tightly as over-stretching Sleeves will shorten their life. ]

4. Keep Sleeves exposed to air - do not cover - and stay immoble in a well-ventillated environment.

5. We recommend using Neo-ice Recovery Products for 20-30 minutes post-competition and before massage.

6. Wash & dry Recovery Sleeves between applications.

For Best Effect:

Apply Neo-ice Arnica & Aloe Race Recovery Gel to skin before the Sleeves are pulled into place.

If the ambient temperature is above 25°C, chill Coolant prior to use.

Elevate Sleeves above the level of your heart.

Cooling time and effect can be extended by adding additional Coolant directly to Sleeves.

Neo-ice is made by Euco Technology Company Limited, Taiwan