How to use Ice-Wraps

1. If the skin is broken, first apply a protective material that will protect and facilitate wound healing such as a hydocolloid dressing.

2. Remove the Ice-Wrap from it's wrapper, and starting from the ankle or wrist and working towards the heart, apply the Ice-wrap such that it overlaps itself by 50% with each turn. Take care not to apply too tightly.

3. Secure the loose end with clips and netting.

4. Do not cover - keep exposed to air. For best effect, stay immobile in a well-ventilated environment and elevate the injury above your heart.

Under normal circumstances an Ice-wrap will provide around 2 hours of cooling. Cooling time can be extended by adding additional Coolant either by removing and saturating the wrap or by spraying the Coolant onto the wrap without removing it from the limb.

Additional Coolant can be sprayed onto an Ice-Wrap at any time to keep in moist and functioning.

Wash and dry Ice-wrap after each use. To reuse, just add more Coolant (40mL for a Small size, 80mL for Large).

Note: Serious burns and persistent wounds should be shown to trained medical personnel without delay.

Neo-ice is made by Euco Technology Company Limited, Taiwan