Neo-ice cold-compression products consist of an absorptive material (either a bandage roll or tubular Recovery Sleeve) impregnated with an evaporative coolant.

Neo-Ice Ice-Wraps are pre-impregnated cotton-crepe bandages ideal for emergency use:

Neo-Ice Impact Recovery Kits contain cotton-spandex tubular Recovery Sleeves and coolant packed in easy-to-use sachets for more regular use:

When applied to the body, heat flows from the body into the coolant and then dissipates through evaporation. Body temperature gradually drops in a resting body as the rate of heat return is less than the rate of heat loss.

The evaporation process is entirely safe and natural, and Neo-ice evaporative coolants are formulated to draw and dissipate heat at a faster rate than it is replaced in a resting body. The result is that body temperature, and in particular that of joints or limbs, can be reduced in a safe and controlled manner by approximately 8-10°C (by 15°C on an elevated ankle) without the need for ice or refrigeration.

Neo-ice is made by Euco Technology Company Limited, Taiwan